Many Spaces, All Your Own

Rent monthly office space with Breather and get more than just a space of your own — get free same-day access to hundreds of workspaces in the Breather network, so you can work wherever you want to.

How the Breather Network Scales With You

More than just an office space

In addition to your dedicated office space, your team gets free access to the entire Breather network of private workspaces for meetings and more.

Free workspace at home and away

When you need space outside your office, you can book it free same day. With spaces in 300+ buildings across 10 cities, it’s easy to find space near HQ and while traveling.

Grow your HQ as you grow your team

If your team’s needs change, we’ll help you move your office to another space in the Breather network — so you can build your business without hesitation.

Donne Faasen

Office Manager at Spotify

With the constant growth in our company and continuous need for more space, Breather has been our saving grace.

Every business needs a space of its own — but it doesn’t have to be the only space you work from.

Research by real estate firm CBRE shows that the shift towards more flexible workspaces is driven by three key factors:

  • The rise of startups and the entrepreneurial economy
  • Desire for more agile and cost-effective real estate
  • Mobile technology that enables us to work from anywhere

But despite this newfound flexibility, many “flexible” space options still tether businesses to a single location or divide access up into complicated tiers and credit systems, making it difficult to get more space when you need it.

Breather gives your team both a dedicated office space of their own and the freedom to instantly unlock hundreds of workspaces in the Breather network for free daily, anywhere they want. And just like your office, each workspace in the Breather network is completely private.

Whether you’re reserving daily workspace or want to move your office permanently to another location in the Breather network, we ensure that as your business grows, your space can grow with it.

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