Avoid the Coworking Chaos

Don’t let the noise of coworking drown out your team’s creativity. With Breather, you can find cost-effective office space without sacrificing your privacy and productivity.

How Breather Beats Coworking

All-inclusive and exclusively yours

Your Breather office space is yours alone for as long as you want to keep it, and includes the tech and tools you need to ensure your space is productive from day one.

Pay for space, not headcount

Grow your team without hesitation. Your space costs the same no matter how many people are in it, and it’s simple to move up to a larger space if you need to.

Extra room without extra costs

You get more than just an office. Access hundreds of private workspaces within the Breather network across 10 cities, with free same-day booking for each and every one.

Evegail Andal

CEO at Matter Media Group

As the distractions of coworking piled up, I realized that we needed our own space designed for work — not networking.

We’re big believers in the idea that workspace should be flexible — and the world is catching on.

Real estate management firm JLL predicts that flexible space will make up 30% of the commercial real estate market by 2030, as businesses increasingly avoid long-term leases in favour of more adaptable and cost-effective options.

Many businesses turn to coworking while exploring flexible space options, only to discover a host of distractions awaiting them: noisy neighbors, see-through walls and loud branding that can swallow a budding company’s culture whole. What good is flexible workspace that doesn’t empower you and your team to do your best work?

What we’ve discovered is that for space to be truly productive, it has to feel truly yours. Unlike coworking space, Breather month-to-month office spaces are private and tailored to your team, so you can stay focused on what matters.

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