Your Space, Your Terms

Rent ready-to-go office space without leasing, lengthy turnaround times or complex RFP processes. With Breather, you simply pick a space you like, move in, and stay as long as you want to.

How Breather’s Flexibility Helps You Grow

Ready for today and tomorrow

Move into your new office within days, with the freedom to switch or scale up your space if your needs change over time — all without commitments that lock you in.

Get space without the stress

Your Breather space comes fully-furnished, and we’ll handle the details, including tech setup and regular cleanings, so you can stay focused on the big picture.

More space for your money

Breather gives you both a private office space of your own and free daily access to the entire Breather space network, all at a lower cost than space in a coworking hub.

Jessica Elders

Head of People at Away Luggage

Breather had us up and running in a beautiful new space in just one week. I have peace of mind knowing that as we grow and our needs for space evolve, Breather has us covered.

Your workspace should help accelerate your business’s growth, not hold it back.

Yet the restrictions that so often come with renting office space also restrict the freedom your business has to grow, requiring expensive long-term commitments to get the space you need today — without knowing what you’ll need tomorrow.

Breather takes the risk out of real estate with completely flexible terms: move into your new space within days, and keep it only for as long as you want it.

If you decide to move out or move up to a different space, we’ll work with you to make it happen. Want to expand into new cities? We can help with that too.

Unlike other office rental options, Breather helps you keep your fixed costs low while growing your team and expanding your business at your own pace.

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